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Art Crawl
Hey, guys!

If you're in the twin cities area this weekend, you should stop by my studio. Thursday night we're having a reception and we're going to be there all day on Saturday, too. It should be a lot of fun and there area ton of other artists in my building with awesome stuff. It's a great event that shows off the awesome local talent.

Also, wordpress sucked me in.

1337 f0t0s
Me: Hey, happenstance, you should design a logo for me because I've been trying to design one for 4 years and hate all of my ideas.

Effing Loser

Suzette's Shoot
We had an awesome shoot with up-and-coming actress Suzette Babb last week.

Suzette - 6779

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If 2007 continues the way it's started I'll be the happiest living girl in New York. (Minneapolis). I got my studio on January 1st, which is crazy exciting x10. Laura and I went there tonight to work on stuff and pretty much just to sit and look at our studio. So, not only is BeeTour alive and kicking, but I got home tonight to find a package sitting on our desk, and it was the book that my photo is on the cover of. That's never ever bad to come home to.



What shall tomorrow bring?

b4refo0tmu5ic is live! Yay!

Horse Shoot
BeeTour's first official photoshoot:




Shameless Self-Promotion
Back in December I won a contest put on by Popular Photography Magazine and I won a Sony Cybershot camera (which my momma is now the proud owner of (I know I'm not suppose to end with a preposition, but it turns out I don't care today.)) The grand finale-mother of all contests-final shebang just started today, and it's for an even nicer camera, so ya'all should go ahead and vote. It'll be more fun than getting punched in the face, I promise. Mine is on the 3rd page, the dandelion shot that most of you have seen multiple times. Sara - University of Minnesota Duluth is me. :)

Vote Here

I know there are some Xavier fans on my FL, so I thought I'd throw up some photos from his show last night.

Check it, yo. Click for bigga pic-shores.

Xavier Rudd Xavier Rudd

All right, kids. I need your help. I have this gallery show in a couple days, am making up cards to hang by the photos, and am the worst at naming my photos.

The set is here:

And I need the most help with these:

Iguana | 1862

Iguana | 1852

Water Dragon

Collared Lizard | 1825

And after looking at these it turns out I have trouble naming photos with pink in them.



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